Trick Your Mind to Ease into Daily Exercise and Yoga Routine

Let the Squid Game of Fitness & Health Begin: Learn Helpful hacks in 21 days to Reverse Uno your skewed perception of exercising daily and get back into Fitness Game.

Although everyone is aware of the health benefits of incorporating the habit of exercising in their daily life, we know it can be hard, if not ‘Squid Game’ hard, to follow through. Getting up every morning to go for jogging or yoga, especially in winters when you don't even want to get out of your blanket, or simply not having time to do it because of work, can be tough.


What causes you to give up on the routine in minutes?


Believe it or not, your mind has a major role to play in it. It matters how you perceive something and how motivated your mind is to engage in the long process of building and maintaining certain habits. Hypothetically speaking, if you were told that you’d lose weight in 3 days, it would most likely motivate you to workout more than it would for 10 days. Why? It’s because the results would be quicker. This is Principle of Instant Gratification of Mind.

Even if you’re completely dedicated to your fitness plan, sometimes the internal dialogues tell you to skip your workout and when this happens, you start to make excuses or give up altogether.


How can you overcome this momentary weakness?

We’ve made a list of simple ways you can Trick your Mind to fall in love with Exercise, without falling into the trap of Instant Gratification.

9 ways you can Trick your Mind to help you reach your fitness goals

  1. Start small and slowly build up. Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement. While setting our goals for the Workout Regime, the reason we usually fail to follow through is because we overestimate our capabilities and go all in at once. So, start small and build a system which doesn’t seem too hard for you. Break habits into small action and build a chain, for instance,
  • Wake up early in the morning,
  • Keep your gym clothes and equipments near your reach,
  • Set time for the routine and as you start getting habitual, increase the intensity and duration of it, and
  • Track your progress in a journal to be more aware.
  • Start with 5 minutes. If you’re new and skeptical about workouts, give yourself the time to learn to love the exercises and yoga poses you do. Start with a 5 minutes of high intensity workout rather than 45 minutes long ones, which can possibly leave you tired, burnt out and frustrated.
  • Reinforce Smallest of Breakthroughs. We understand the importance of feeling proud and adequate when the journey is long and tough. Don’t be a miser when it comes to consciously appreciating yourself and your body for everything they do. It can be in the form of healthy but tasty food so that you enjoy extra benefit of the efforts you put in.

    Show unconditional gratitude, even if you could do so much as waking up and getting dressed for the session.

  • Crank up Your Favorite Tunes. Who says your workout has to be all simple and silent ones? Plug in those earphones and listen to your playlist to associate positive feelings with your workout. It makes your workout all the more fun and you would find yourself easily transitioning from one exercise to another, without feeling tired.
  • Take small breaks. It’s okay to relax in between when you feel like you need to catch your breath but keep moving around as you don’t want to confuse your body or feel tired instantly. Do some breathing exercises to refresh your mind and get back into the action again.
  • Avoid All or None Thinking. Check-Box Syndrome. We set ourselves up to fail when we think either we are doing it all or doing nothing at all. We become so attached to checking all the boxes out and with doing things in quantity that we don’t give importance to quality. Even if you planned to do certain activities and for some reason you can’t complete it all, don’t beat yourself up for it. No one is perfect. So instead of feeling low, enjoy things you actually did in the day.
  • Delayed Gratification. Remember, achieving goals in daily life doesn’t correspond to the fact that your habit has been built. You need to practice everyday t0 avoid feeling instant gratification. Though our mind has been conditioned to work this way, we can break this habit by consciously setting a particular purpose for exercise or yoga workout and keep a daily reminder that even though you’re progressing, you can push yourself to do better.
  • Join a Buddy Circle. The efforts you put in your workout doesn’t seem too forced when you have like minded people to share it with. People who can motivate you to do your best. Shared experience makes every process seem smoother and easier.


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We all need something to motivate us to get moving - whether it's a fancy gadget, a great new outfit, or even an organized workout schedule. Unfortunately, sometimes motivation isn't enough, so what do you do? Trick your mind!

Hope these tips can help you to stick with your fitness routine.

Megha Sharma is an active lifestyle blogger & healthy food fanatic. She enjoys reading books and sweating it out in gym.

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