Diabetic friendly 100% vegan & plant based protein powder

And As a diabeteic you need more than just a simple protein powder, you need something that can help you meet all of your nutritional needs.


When considering protein powder for your diet, you have to keep in mind that not all protein powders are made equal. Some protein powders are made with gelatin which is an inedible animal-derived product. Flavors of protein powders can also be derived from sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners and other synthetic ingredients. 

That’s why goodlifenutrition’s plant protein superfood is everything you need.


Here are just some of the reasons why Goodlife’s Plant Protein Superfood is the best choice for diabetic people;


No added sugar -

That's right, we said no added sugars, well that doesn't mean it is not sweet. It has the sweetness of stevia which is a natural sweetener with almost zero calories. Our protein doesn’t have detrins/maltodextrins (sugar made from starch) which is harmful for the body. Choosing the sugar-free variety of protein powder is a good idea for diabetes.


100% plant based -

Plant proteins are good for those who suffer with allergies or have a lactose intolerance. With no lactose, no gluten and no soy, goodlifenutrition’s protein powder is 100% plant based. 

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No digestive issues - 

Plant-based protein powders provide dietary fiber, promoting good gut health. Fiber feeds the healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract, promoting good bowel movement and providing relief from constipation.


Reasons to add Plant protein superfood in diabetes -

Doesn't cause sugar spikes 

Protein slows the emptying of the stomach and makes it take longer for the protein itself to be digested. This means that starch is not released into the gut for absorption immediately; this makes for a slow rise in blood sugar levels.

    Aid in weight reduction 

    Protein reduces hunger, improves satiety, increases thermogenesis, and limits lean muscle mass loss during weight reduction. Lowering your weight can indeed lower your blood sugar levels.

    Stimulate insulin release

     A diet high in protein has been shown to help people manage diabetes by lowering hunger pangs and speeding up weight loss, which in turn lowers blood sugar levels and increases the body's ability to produce insulin.

    Wrap up -

    By adding protein supplements to your diet, you can provide your body with nutrients it needs to maintain your health and strength.

    In addition to that, take care of your body by exercising, eating right and monitoring your blood sugar. If you keep up with these habits, you may end up reversing diabetes.

    Megha Sharma is an active lifestyle blogger & healthy food fanatic. She enjoys reading books and sweating it out in gym.

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