I took superfood daily greens everyday in the morning; and this is what happened!

If I had a penny for every time I tried different nutritional supplements that weren’t impactful, I’d be rich. It had been 4 years. My life was in a disarray, but last month I stumbled upon a product called Superfood Daily Greens from Goodlife Nutrition. And I can say this with a proud smile: I have never been so happy with positive changes I got in JUST 15 DAYS!

Wondering how I got such promising results in less than a month?

Let me put your curiosity about the benefits of Superfood daily greens to rest. Stay with me and you’ll be discovering everything about this product, such as what superfood daily green is, its taste, and dosage to the benefits it brings along.

What is Superfood Daily Greens?

It is a plant-based herbal mixture packed with nutrients rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Essential minerals, that our body fails to absorb in normal diet, can be retained with Superfood Daily Greens. This supplement has 9 forms of alkalizing farm fresh green veggies and nutritious plant roots.

How to consume Superfood Daily Greens, and how does it taste?

It was a regular day when suddenly my door-bell rang and my last hope was delivered to me in an airtight packet. I opened up the package and found a cylindrical bottle inside, with Superfood Daily Greens written on it. What impressed me the most was that they were transparent about the ingredients and gave clear direction about it’s consumption.


Mixing 1 scoop in 250 mL lukewarm water every morning, I started my day with a refreshing and better tasting mixture that enhanced daily functioning.

What health benefits of Superfood Daily Greens did I experience?

Improves immunity

Despite great care from my parents, my immunity would fall short against common cold or allergies as a kid. But as a working woman, it worsened. I was falling sick more frequently. After a dietary consultation, I was recommended Superfood daily greens because my diet lacked antioxidants and my body didn’t get essential nutrients.

 I was skeptical at first but continued my course for a month and guess what? It worked. I was feeling more energetic, strong and less and less susceptible to falling sick. This improved my turn over in the office and I could focus on my work better.

Better Digestion

Less physical exercise results in issues involved with digestion. I wasn’t a very athletic person to begin with but I made it a point to walk. But that stopped as well, cutting me off from my only source of exercise.


As an alternative, this organic supplement jump started the digestion process in just a few weeks. I could feel the improvement due to the


Less bloating and More Gloating

With lockdown bringing us to the online world, there’s not much moving around. So, even if I breathe in a little, I feel bloated. It’s not a very comfortable feeling.

After taking the supplement, my digestion has improved significantly in 2 weeks because of its natural detoxifying and antioxidants properties.

Should you consume this supplement too?

I say, if it’s for me then it’s for you as well. The supplement is completely organic and safe to consume without worrying about side-effects, taste or quality. If you have a busy lifestyle and don’t find time for a proper lifestyle, this product may be just the thing you need to:

  • Improve your Immune System.
  • Better the absorption of nutrients for energy.
  • Engage in intense physical activity.
  • Solve digestive issues you’re facing such as bloating or gas.
  • Get similar results without physical activity.

How long does Superfood Daily Greens take to show effect?

I don’t know how long because every individual has different requirements and pace of responding, so, I recommend you to follow the full course consistently. Organic supplements work holistically and show quality results, which takes time. So if you’re expecting it to be effective in seconds of using it, you would be rendered disappointed and lose the opportunity to improve your health.

Don’t fall into the ‘Instant Results’ trap and make sure to take 1 scoop of daily serving for at least 15 days or 1 month to see the results for yourself.

Word from the Wise

The organic supplement market is saturated with companies making fake promises about natural ingredients and quick-fix bogus schemes to lure in business. But as a customer, who has been entrapped by these celebrity endorsed brands, I can say that Supplements like Superfood Daily Greens from Goodlife Nutrition make you trust the herbal and organic products again. Their products are a hundred per cent scientifically approved and have shown zero side-effects till date.


Try Superfood Daily Greens for yourself and know the difference between genuine and ingenuine brands.

Megha Sharma is an active lifestyle blogger & healthy food fanatic. She enjoys reading books and sweating it out in gym.

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