Secret tricks how I trained my mother to take care of her health

Mothers are like diamonds – By nurturing and supporting others, they sparkle for the world to see, adorn everything they touch, and have an indestructible core.
It’s always hard for mothers to find time to take care of themselves.
Age is a factor that cannot be overlooked. My mom is not young anymore. And other family members and I cannot always be with her. Thus, I took it upon myself to help my mom take control of her own life again.

Let me share a secret about how I helped my mother get back into good health.

1) Daily Yoga - Yoga is one of the most effective, simple, and powerful ways to relax our mind as well as body and thereby improve our health. 30 mins of yoga everyday helps us to remain stress-free and maintain inner peace. This in turn creates a sense of balance in both mind & body. So, I ensured that my mom takes out 30 mins for yoga every day.

2) Short breaks - My mom is a very hard-working woman. She has many responsibilities in the house such as cooking, cleaning, groceries, and running errands — the list keeps getting longer! And to keep performing these duties, she needs plenty of rest and planning.
I have noticed that my mum is often tired, stressed, and irritable. I thought I could help my mom by planning her day and adding small breaks.
Well, it worked well and now she takes proper rest and completes her chores without feeling stressed.

3) Health Supplements to my mother - Since my mother lives in a small village and is a vegetarian, her daily need for protein, minerals and vitamins isn't met through diet. That's why I asked her to add Goodlife Nutrition multivitamins and Plant Protein to her everyday routine. That is 100% clean, vegan, made from plant-based natural ingredients.

4) Mediation for her Mental Health -She has now started to do meditation in the morning after yoga. It helps us in reconnecting with our innermost selves, rationalize our feelings and let go of the negative emotions.

5) Immunity boosting complex for her immune system - When we get older, our body goes into a degenerative mode, and we start to lose the ability to protect ourselves against various diseases.
Unfortunately, my mom is affected by both seasonal flu and allergies. So, I got her the immunity-boosting complex. She has been taking it for over a month and her allergies are starting to decrease.

6) A daily reminder that we adore her - The idea behind the message is to proactively remind her how much I love her and help her relax. It's my way of making her smile every day.

7) Taking out time to talk to her - Never forget to call your mother and talk to her about her day. This helps her blow off some steam and relax. Remember to make time for the people you care about, even if you're very busy.

A word from Goodlife Nutrition
- Our parents often struggle to look after their health and take stress about the wellbeing of their kids. You may not know that your mom needs more than just food and exercise to stay fit; she needs nutrition supplements to cover deficiencies. If you want help supporting your mother in her quest for wellness, don't hesitate to give us a call or order online today! We carry an extensive line of health supplements designed specifically for aging adults who need extra support in maintaining healthy levels of key nutrients like calcium, Protein, vitamin D3, magnesium, zinc and folate.

So don't just give your mother diet and exercise advice; Because your mother needs more than just food and exercise to stay fit.

So don’t wait for “Mother’s Day” to get a bottle of goodness for your mother. Today is the day! Go for it.

Megha Sharma is an active lifestyle blogger & healthy food fanatic. She enjoys reading books and sweating it out in gym.

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