Diet for post COVID-19 recovery

Food is a very important ingredient of our human body. Proper and quality food intake along with a daily exercise routine and committed job schedule play a very significant role to make sure that you lead a healthy lifestyle.

However, at this point of time when the deadly coronavirus has taken many lives, it is apprehended in the general public view that good nutrition is one way through which one can keep the immune system intact and protect from life threatening diseases like the ones caused by the Coronavirus.

What happens when body fights an infection -

Being sick not only isn’t fun, but it also dumps your body with an added workload. As the body is set to deal with a problem, it naturally requires more energy and nutrients than it needs at any other time: it has to fight on two fronts, after all.

This is why when you’re sick, you shouldn’t neglect your diet – instead, you need to fuel your system with the right amount of nutrients for optimal recuperation.

Even if you are currently undergoing COVID-19, it is important to remain calm and quiet. Your body needs all of your energy to focus on healing. Just focus on what you are eating, and cleanse your body.

You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake.” –

This virus targets and attacks the respiratory system and leads to a fatal respiratory infection. Those who have this infection are advised by the National Health Service (NHS) to have plenty of rest and gentle exercise like walking or yoga. Also they are recommended to follow a diet without any fat, sugar, salt and alcohol.

Given below is the COVID recovery diet plan that will help your body to recover fast;

Proper guidelines -

Calories - Only caloric foods should be eaten when you are recovering as they have a high-energy density.

Proteins - Proteins are the building blocks of life that accelerate your recovery, and the essential amino acids guard you against harmful pathogens.

Fruits and vegetables - A diet including fresh fruits and vegetables can make a noticeable difference to your health. Not only are they packed full of essential nutrients, but eating them regularly can help fight infections and provide better overall body function.

Immune building food - Fresh veggies and fruits are rich in antioxidants, you can incorporate them with herbal drinks such as turmeric milk, ginger tea that will boost your immunity level and strengthen your immune system.

Fluids - Water is essential for the body to be able to carry out numerous processes. It helps process nourishment and transport it to cells, eliminate waste and toxins from the system, regulate body temperature, support blood circulation and keep the skin hydrated and healthy. Along with simple water other hydrating and detoxifying drinks can be added.

Fats and oils - It is important to keep in mind that saturated and trans fats should be avoided at all costs. They are unhealthy for the heart and could cause many diseases in the long run. Instead, replace saturated fats with unprocessed whole grains, avocados, olive oil, coconut oil and nuts. Include Fish oils and flax seeds in your diet on a daily basis.

Limit salt and sugar - It is recommended to limit the intake of salt and sugar. It is also recommended not to add snacks that have high sugar & salt content such as cakes, cookies and chocolates.

Diet plan

Morning Empty stomach -
Kadha - Turmeric, lemon, Tulsi, Ginger, Black pepper
Immunity shot - Giloy & Amla (immunity boosting complex)

Breakfast -
Fruits + Moong Dal Cheela / Oats & Veggie Idli with Sambhar/ Oatmeal/ Yoghurt & Granola / Ragi or Oats Pancake / Vegetable poha or Upma / Eggs + Almonds & Raisins.

Snack ( Optional)
Sprouts chat / Almond & Dates / Apple

Khichdi / Multigrain Roti / Rice + Dal with Garlic & Ginger + Any Protein( Paneer, fish, chicken, Rajma, Tofu, Chickpea, Soya) + Vegetables +Salad + Raita ( Optional) + Garlic ( soak in lemon to reduce the Harshness) + Jaggery & Ghee (Optional)

Snack (Optional)
Coconut water/ Fresh lime water /Dates/ Makhane

Soup(lentil, chicken or vegetables) + Khichdi / Multigrain Roti / Rice + Dal with Lemon + Any protein (Paneer, fish, Chicken Rajma, Tofu, Chickpea, Soya) + MixVegetables + salad

Bedtime -
Kadha+ Turmeric + Blackpepper + cinnamon + Nutmeg + Kesar

Word from Goodlife Nutrition -

Diet has always been an important part of our lives but with all the mixed information on the internet about diet and exercise, people are getting more and more confused.
But given the situation you cannot afford to consume wrong foods because they can deteriorate your health.
So we have made a very clear and simple diet plan that will help you to recover fast.

If you still got questions feel free to contact us our dietitians will help you out.

Megha Sharma is an active lifestyle blogger & healthy food fanatic. She enjoys reading books and sweating it out in gym.

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